Monday, 29 July 2013

2 Broke Girls Season 01 Episode 02 : And the Breakup Scene Watch Online-


Thinking she is being helpful, Caroline facilitates Max’s breakup with Robbie.


Max and Caroline are living with one another and they are going through some issues with boundaries. Caroline simply does not have any, while Max has many that Caroline needs to respect. Max has made amazingly delicious cupcakes and Caroline would really like to also have her name included on the product. Max is really not into that idea. Not only that, but Caroline thinks that Max is trying to hide her feelings about the Robbie situation from her.

She thinks that she should be honest and open about it. Max is not the kind of girl that opens up easily, which of course instigates sarcasm and a serious attitude.

Caroline is using Max’s bed to sleep in now, along with Max. She learns that Max sleeps with a knife. Robbie shows up in bed with the both of them, because he doesn’t seem to get that they are broken up. He also talks about the fact that it would be fantastic if they could have a threesome, since they’re all there anyway. By trying to defend Max, Caroline ends up “breaking up” with Robbie. She gives him his belongings and tells him off. Max is not happy about this, because that is really all Max had. She wanted to give him his stuff back and tell him off with her quick wit and sharp tongue. She needed that closure and she wasn’t given that.

Due to the fact that Max was not happy about that, Caroline ends up doing the same thing to Max, because she’s tired of the boundary issues an

2 Broke Girls Season 01 Episode 02 : And the Breakup Scene Watch Online

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